Barrie-Muskoka Area Restaurants Scene

This region is best known as a vacation paradise. With the lakes from Simcoe north to the Muskokas, as well as the rugged Great Lakes shoreline along the Georgian Bay and up the Bruce Peninsula. These visitors, often from big cities in southern Ontario or from the United States are used to big city cuisine, and this area aims to keep our visitors happy and well-fed. In the past, that's been important for the workers in physically demanding sectors like timber and mining, but is also great for those rugged individuals enjoying the scenic splendours of the region.

Barrie's restaurant district is in the downtown core, and that's pretty well the case in every community in the region. In a larger community like Barrie you will also find a restaurant for pretty well any kind of food along the very street you're driving along. Downtown has the higher-end noon hour restaurants and fine dining establishments, the area close to campus has the cheaper eats, and the outlying residential areas have the family-friendly and affordable dining options.

The Barrie-Muskoka region has over 200 restaurants. They are clustered whereever residents or tourists tend to cluster, so there are a range of establishments in all the communities. Because of the tourism sector, the calibre of the region's restaurants in the smaller towns far exceed the 'usual' for such communities, with many establishments rivaling the best restaurants in Toronto.

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