Barrie-Muskoka Business Operations: Reasons Your Records Should Be in Digital Format

Reasons Your Records Should Be in Digital Format Rather Than on Paper

Author: Ray Feoli

During a time when digitally maintained records are an affordable and easy to implement solution to your document management needs, the real question should be, "Why WOULDN'T your records be in digital?" Let's go through some of the many reasons why your business would benefit by going digital with its record keeping.

Improved Quality: Documents with higher quality and accuracy are the result when mistakes are easily corrected and handwriting is not an issue; which makes them easily read and understood. All of your documents will have a professional look to them, which is the impression you want to portray.

Better Access: Think of all the time that can be saved if you could retrieve desired documents in a matter of seconds, rather than searching through file after file. Any qualified member of your team could access needed documents at a moment's notice just by looking at your well established system - giving them time to spend on other important tasks that will increase your business' profits.

Remote Access: Have you ever been home, piping hot cup of coffee by your side, maybe a crackling fire in the fireplace, and then? You realize you forgot a crucial document at your office, which is miles away, and you need it. This doesn't happen when you have data storage solutions. You can easily access the document, along with other people who need to.

Increased Security: Personal information, financial records and other sensitive information need to be protected from prying eyes. Document management ensures no one will have access to this information outside of those you have given permission to. Your clients will have further trust in you when they don't have to worry about identity theft. Password and encryption will provide the "concrete walls" of protection your documents need.

Damage Protection: You don't like to think of a fire, flood or other natural disaster destroying your brick-and-mortar business, but it can happen. Destruction can also come in the form of age and even vandalism. Document storage will guard your files from such culprits.
Saved Space: We all know how bulky filing cabinets can be. Many companies must devote a huge amount of space in their office buildings to storing the massive amount of documents which must be saved for legal and tax purposes Clear them out and free up valuable office space.

Saved Money: In addition to saving space, you will save money in the long term by saving on filing, copying, faxing and storing expenses. You'll also save on postage by emailing scanned documents to those who request them. No more barely legible faxes. Additionally, by storing data digitally you can cut down the chance for costly errors and any need to re-input data into your system.

Document management solutions are a win-win. The advantages to your company speak volumes. Plus, with competent, professional document imaging companies available to cater to your conversion needs, the task will not leave you exhausted or broke.

Now the only question left on my mind is...why didn't I do this sooner?

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