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(NC)- Having lost his wife six months ago, Martin Pickford had to learn quickly to adapt to independent living in a wheelchair. Since Martha, Martin's late wife, performed almost every task for him, Martin was confronted by many challenges that he didn't know how to deal with such as cooking dinner, taking baths and going to the grocery store. The 61 year old and his wife of 20 years once considered renovating their two-storey home to accommodate his physical condition, but couldn't come up with the thousands of dollars required for such an overhaul.

On the suggestion of a close friend, Martin consulted a financial advisor who advised him about CHIP Home Income Plan as a sound way to finance renovations for barrier-free home living. Through a CHIP Home Income Plan, Martin learned that he could convert up to 40 per cent of his home's equity into tax-free cash and not have to worry about regular monthly payments until he decided to sell.

"With this new found financial freedom, I was able to fully equip my home and my car with assistive devices, which has provided me with complete independence and given me a sense of autonomy," said Pickford.

CHIP Home Income Plan is a simple and sensible financial solution that allows Canadian seniors over the age of 60 the ability to enjoy life on their own terms. Taking out a CHIP Home Income Plan can make a world of difference for seniors with physical disabilities. "My life has become my own thanks to the CHIP Home Income Plan," added Pickford. "Having completed the renovation, I can now invest some of the extra income into a new home business that will provide financial growth and even more self-sufficiency."

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