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(NC)-Before selecting products for the kitchen, it's worth doing some research into durability. As the most used room in the home, the kitchen can begin to look tired soon after the renovation. Selecting materials that are top-notch in terms of quality, durability and resistance to wear-and-tear, will keep your kitchen looking like new for a long time. Here are some hardy materials to keep your kitchen looking new:

Countertops: While pricier than granite, quartz countertops are superior in terms of durability and scratch and stain-resistance. The less-popular laminate countertop will scratch, but is also not a bad choice as you can more easily replace it in time due to its low cost and get a new look in the process.

Sinks: By far, the most superior material is Silgranit. While stainless steel will scratch, enamel and ceramic will chip, and acrylic doesn't resist heat well, Silgranit will look new forever. Incredibly scratch-resistant, highly stain- heat- and chip-resistant, it's the ideal sink for busy homeowners who want a sink that's easy to maintain. Silgranit is a composite of 80% natural granite and premium acrylic and is the leading coloured sink brand in Canada. It's available in 7 different colours and more than 100 different models from German sink manufacturer, Blanco. (

Floors: Linoleum and ceramic tile are two excellent options when durability is a concern. While wood is often included in this category and today's carpets are quite durable, if you have pets and accidents occur, water damage and staining can leave permanent damage. However there are many new flooring products coming out on the marketing every day and it's worth some research to check out newer options like cork for example.

With the many options manufacturers offer today there's no reason to trade style for durability. Once you select the best performing material, you will likely find a myriad of choice in design, style and colour. Going with quality is usually a good idea as well. Well-known and respected brands take pride in their products and offer quality service and warranties to back up their claims.

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