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Author: Tony Savour

Where to start on pet food is what I’m going to say, there are so many different types of pet food out there for any kind of pet you have. You will want to know exactly what pet food your pets are going to like, as well as this you will want to know exactly what is in the pet food you are going to be feeding your pets.

People say aren’t all pet food healthy? Well no the answer is that they just simply aren’t. There are so many different ingredients that are put into a lot of pet food which can be very dangerous. They are packed full of preservatives and chemicals that can and probably will damage your pet.

Pet food can be cheap but is that the way that you really want it to be, if these cheap pet foods are slowly killing your pet, why buy them? There are many different factors that need to be considered when buying pet food, for example all meat diets are bad for both cats and dogs and same again for all fish diets.

Next we need to know what is essentially needed for most kinds of pets, all animals need energy and nutrients. Energy can be supplied through proteins and fats that put into pet food. There are also some nutrients that are needed for your pet, these include water, minerals and vitamins. Water is the most important nutrient which all animals need.

You will want to find a pet food that contains the above essentials, but you will not want to give them too much of certain nutrients and too much energy. High energy pet food is usually good for animals but a constant high energy intake is not good for your pet as the food will be giving your pet too much and energy and can result in your pet having obesity issues which can later lead on to diabetes for your pet.

Also if you are using a pet food that contains a lot of the same nutrients it can make the food become toxic which can be very dangerous for your pet. When pet food is processed the nutrient availability is reduced which can cause nutritional deficiency. Also certain nutrients need to be in the correct proportions otherwise they can cause a nutritional imbalance even if they meet requirements for each individual amount.

When buying a pet food look for the ones that have “COMPLETE” written on, these are the pet foods that contain all the nutrients that are essentially needed for your pet. If it has “COMPLEMENTARY” written on the product then that pet food does not contain all the essentials. If you find out which essentials these do not contain then you should add them in with the food

The best place to find out what you should be feeding your pet is your veterinarian who will be able to advise you properly on which pet food your pet will be best off with as he can make a visual and thorough test which will all in all help your pet a lot.

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